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We are Black Cat Wines

We prominently feature wines from minority and natural wine makers/producers from around the world, highlighting new faces and tastes for our local wine community. We’re driven by the goal of making our neighborhood feel like we are not only providing for and representing them but that we are a part of them. Some of the most underrepresented communities in the wine world (and, well–the real world) are communities we, Rocky and Katie, are proud members of. Part of Black Cat Wines’ mission is to be a platform to amplify the voices of the incredible women, people of color, and queers who have been out here for years making, selling, and drinking wine and spirits.

Rocky was raised on a fully-functioning sustainable farm located in Hopkinton, NH, which instilled the values of environmental consciousness and community-based living. After graduating with a BA from UMass Amherst, Rocky spent many years working in corporate Human Resources. She then went on to attend the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) where she received a Dual Certificate in the Career Culinary Arts Program and the Culinary Management Program. After a short stint in high-end NYC kitchens, Rocky realized that the real reason she had even pursued a degree in the culinary arts was for wine - her one true love being the pairing possibilities; the marriage of food and wine. She is a member of the American Sommelier Association and the Sommelier Society of America and holds WSET’s Level II certificate. Rocky has extensive retail wine experience working for several small shops throughout Brooklyn prior to pursuing her passion of owning her own bottle shop.
Katie is an experienced food and beverage operations manager with a strong background in liquor, wine and hospitality. Her experience ranges from high volume dining to mastering operational tasks such as inventory and wholesale for several growing New York establishments. Directly after graduating from The New School University, Katie began working in the food and beverage industry and quickly climbed the ranks. Over the span of 15 years, Katie managed everything from a boutique coffee shop in Brooklyn to a high-end bustling hotel restaurant in lower Manhattan. Around 2018, Katie really gave in to her love of wine and left the restaurant world to pursue a career in strictly wine & spirit focused retail shops. This is where Katie met Rocky and, well, the rest is history. Through her years of experience, Katie has developed a strong sense of creative branding, effective leadership, and outstanding hospitality. As a wine buyer by trade and wine drinker at heart, Katie has a deep appreciation for natural wines and craft spirits.